Wednesday, March 30, 2011

can't keep track of each fallen robin

I've said it before, I am simply in awe of bloggers who are able to post 5 times a week and have a day job and a social life. After hours of being on the computer at work sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to log-on again from home, even though I do so love blogging, blog-reading and the internet in general. And, by the way, that's not even factoring in time to take photos.   Anyhow, today I managed to snap some lunchtime outfit shots, miraculously.

You'll recall I posted about the J.Crew Spring collection a few weeks back, well this outfit was definitely inspired by that lookbook minus the Prada-esque messy ponytail, which I did contemplate. The best part? All of this was already in my closet! Which begs the question: did I like the collection because it reminded me of my own closet? Perhaps. but I had never worn these things in this particular combination so I can definitely tell you that it made me approach my closet from a different angle.
outfit details:
skirt & blazer - uo
shoes - vintage
tights - cynthia rowley 

musical notes: chelsea hotel no.2 - leonard cohen
It's been covered a million and one ways but I will forever love this song...


Claire said...

Oh my, Leonard Cohen. I forget about him all the time. Thanks for the reminder. I love that you found a new way of putting together your own clothes. You look great.
Take Care,

Janelle Haskin said...

I love everything about your outfit!!!


Laura said...

this is such a wonderful outfit! i love it!


elanor, said...

such a darling outfit. :) i love your blouse.


Solange Garnier said...

I only just discovered your blog and I'm already taken with your style. That skirt is simply perfect and I really love the way you styled it. Leonard Cohen brightened my morning!

Giovanna&Roberta said...

I love Leonard Cohen dear! And your outfit! You look so pretty, love your belt too!

Marley said...

I love that song! Your outfit is cute :)

SoapyMermaid said...

CIEL JESUS MARIE JOSEPH THIS is my favourite song ever!! I love you. your blog is very pretty..

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