Monday, April 4, 2011

unnatural nature

Something about this editorial really caught my attention and I would think (most likely) it was the juxtaposition of extremely bright colored garments against a gray and unnatural looking landscape. Mert & Marcus are known for their ability to pull off these dark cinematic vingettes but manage to leave just enough beauty to draw you in to the spectacle...
W Magazine March 2011 - Against Nature
Photographs by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Styled by Alex White

Once again an editorial with huge teased-up hair the color of straw just like the last editorial I posted. I think it may be time to buy a teasing comb. I also think the changing of seasons has put me in the mood for more color in my wardrobe which I may start working on some time in the very near future.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


b. said...

Fabulous set of photos, so fascinating ! The contrast between the bright colors and the landscape is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing !

Meesh said...

Oh, I like these very much. The models look like futuristic victims of some kind of fantasy nightmare world. Thanks for posting these.

Claire said...

Those colors are just gorgeous. I love bright, bright tights. The landscape is beautiful, I love how they've taken what is easily a very urban look and put it somewhere so natural.It's like a sci-fi Wuthering Heights.


Sahakiel said...

You're right, it's simply great... and those long yellow socks has stolen my heart. Need them. Fluor ftw!

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