Thursday, May 5, 2011

The bees knees

I actually mentioned this dress a few posts back - it's the bee-print novelty dress that I recently purchased from Miss Francesca's impeccable vintage shop. That girl has a serious eye for gorgeous relics from by-gone eras.

As I mentioned before, bees both facinate and scare me. I love watching them bouncing from flower to flower in our yard; Making everything bloom. But I keep my distance. Still, nothing says spring to me more than bee's, flowers and light colored fabrics.
The dress fits pretty well - I think I may actually be the slightest bit short for it. It still definitely works but I'm planning on taking the top in a little, maybe adding an extra snap here and there - just to make it fitted in the right places.
outfit details:
dress: vintage from 1385
shoes: MIA

hat: h&m

By the way, I am traveling so posts may be a little sporadic.  I hope to have loads of photos to share with you once I return.

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