Sunday, May 1, 2011

paint it red

Thanks to my parents, I grew up doing various d.i.y. house projects and am known to be somewhat handy with a paint brush. So... it's probably not such a shock to those who know me well that a few weeks  ago, on a whim, I painted our entire living room a deep red. A gamble,  to be sure - but it came out quite nicely. Though, it's still not an easy task to find a decent backdrop for photos in our little house, I asked "the brit" to give it a try (note that the red in the photos is a bit more orange & brighter than the true hue.)
outfit details:
top: xxi
shoes: urban
skirt: vintage (TLO
bracelet: vintage
 *photos taken by the birt*

See you soon!


Michelle Teefey-Lee said...

cute outfit, love the bow detail on your top and patterend tights


meg, reckless daughter said...

why thank you - according to by bf, if it has a bow on it, I'll like it. I think that's only half true.

Soapymermaid said...

i'm a lover of deep coloured wells..

mousevoxvintage said...

Could you be any cuter? I don't think so - you're such a doll! And well done on your paint job.

meg, reckless daughter said...'re making me blush :)

Jess said...

 I love the tights! And I think the red was a good choice :)

turn that frown upside down

meg, reckless daughter said...

 glad you think so! I've never done red before so it was a little scary.

Kristin Gallagher said...

yes! the red is awesome. "paint it red" was the title i gave my front door picture! ;)
anyway, can't wait to see it in person. the first picture made me go "WOW!" so good.

the girl never gets older said...

oh, my favorite wall color ever! amazing :)
and by the way.. your hair + this blouse + necklace - just unbelievably beautiful! ♥

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