Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday evening...

It seems ages since I did a post like this so...here is a little glimpse at my rather uneventful Monday evening at home...enjoy.

not a bad face to come home too, eh?
me, being a blogger nerd...
and she cooks too, ladies and gents!
finished product: pasta with homemade vodka sauce, 3 cheeses & walnuts. mmm...
listening to the new Kate Bush album "50 Words for Snow" and wishing it were colder outside. Also, wishing that we had a fireplace.
a much needed cleaning out of my bag! Which, I figured, presented as good a time as any to do one of those "what's in your bag" photos/lists I've been meaning to do for ages!
1. Marc by MJ bag 2. blog cards 3. keys 4. Kate Spade wallet 5. proof that I drink too much coffee 6. mini notebook & pen 7. various hair accessories   8. mirror  9. L'Occitane hand cream 10. iPhone in a ridiculous case so I don't crack it. 11. vintage gloves 12. Sephora blot papers 13. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment  14.  MAC lip pencil & RubyWoo lipstick 15. ULTAMascara 16.  sunglasses 17.*normally there would be some sort of reading material but I am reading this book currently which does not fit!

taking the pups out for a little walk. (here's what our garden looks like at night for a change!)

back inside for some "BB" (which I've been doing for several months now and love...)
Then into a different kind of slipper
curl up with the pups... (charlie cannot fly - despite what her ears might tell you)
Lastly, since I am on a hot chocolate kick this month I thought it fitting to end here. I might also add that it has been in the high 70s here this week. It seems winter may never arrive. this saddens me...
see you soon!

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