Friday, December 2, 2011

little miss fix-it

This skirt sat in my ever-expanding "to sew" pile for the last 6 months, though I did pull it out a while back and wore it with the tear at the side (super classy of me... no one noticed or if they did, they weren't about to point it out). Then last weekend I finally got around to fixing it - now it's good as new! It's sure to be placed into heavy rotation this winter. This little project has inspired me to (maybe) get to the rest of that daunting pile; sew on those missing or loose buttons and snaps. Maybe even replace a zip or two? Very ambitious and we shall see how far I get before another 6 months goes by!
The blouse is was a gift from my mother over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a sort of Edwardian  meets 1970s and I like it very much (so did my sister and she bought one too!). Unfortunately, I had to go up a size due to a slight pulling of the fabric in the boob area -  I know I've complained about this boobs thing before but I really preferred how the smaller size fit in the arms, sides and back. alas...the medium isn't so bad! And I suppose, some might say, there are worse issues to have.
 an aside: yes, I realize I'm making almost the same facial expression in most of these. ha. I have such incredible range! 
outfit details:
skirt: vintage
top: xxi
shoes: vintage 

PS: For better or worse, I'm getting into the the holiday spirit waaay early this year and I even made a little holiday mix if you are feeling festive - just some christmas time classics...

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