Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm a carpetbagger, baby

As usual, this time of year makes it next to impossible for me to post regularly but I promise to do my best! Meanwhile, I have been wanting to share my new winter coat with you all and now is as good a time as any so... here it is!  I suppose it is a bit like wearing a carpet (really heavy fabric) but it keeps me quite warm and it's such a fun 1960s pattern PLUS the lining is a lover-ly burnt orange color.
Though I bought it several weeks back, I have only been able to wear it a handful of times due to the crazy LA weather - ie: pretty cold until about 11am and then it shoots up into the high 60s or 70s (!) and makes you feel ridiculous for having put on SO many layers that morning.
outfit details:
coat - vintage 
shorts & shirt - h&m
tights - hansel from basel

musical notes: jenny lewis & elvis costello - carpetbaggers

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... x

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