Friday, May 4, 2012

life according to iPhone & other things

Shall we take a little break from outfit posts and look at the last month according to my iPhone? April was a pretty busy one filled with various friend and family coming into town, multiple trips to art museums, trips to the beach, nights spent out on the town and nights spent in the canyon (some without electricity)....

giant dishes at LACMA                                             LA palm trees
  fancy nails                                                                a crazy black cat
  being mysterious (obviously)                                            dance party in WeHo
               charlie in the dark                                        canyon store shopping in the dark

                   Disney fun with little Brit cousins                                                   rockets!
                            edible wabbits                                                                    oh...hello
                      Venice beach on Easter                                                   sail boat envy
                                                      a couple of April dinners                                                          
                         no caption necessary                                                             stars
                          sitting in the garden                                                       beautiful foliage
                             couch pals                                                              amazing Pulp show
                    miscellaneous creatures                                      drinks with friends in red colored bars

I should also mention I did a fun little interview with which they posted earlier in the week and which you can find HERE if you so choose.  Have an enjoyable weekend!


Helen said...

Great pictures! i love crunchies yum yum- i actually live in the city that cadbury chocolate comes from too

meg, reckless daughter said...

 @Helen our local shop has a whole British isle - my "Brit" is in heaven because he is a chocoholic and American chocolate apparently loses out to English chocolate :)

Elly said...

Great pictures! Just found your lovely blog, following! :)

Paganbabyvintage said...

Lovely blog, I read you ;)

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