Wednesday, May 9, 2012

oh...hello, long have you been standing there?

Is anyone else out of breath thinking about the fact that it is already the second week of May? Because I am. I know I've done a fair amount in the last five months but it just doesn't seem like we should be thinking about summer yet!
Anyhow... now that I've calmed down... I have been loving this little vintage cardigan of mine and have been throwing it over pretty much any and every outfit lately. The vintage blue dress has made at least one blog appearance but I am fairly certain it was ages ago. I love the color and it is oh so spring-y.
^still not exactly sure why I am making fists in this photo. ready for a fight? :)

outfit notes:
dress & cardigan - vintage
shoes - karen elson for nine west



Alice said...

I love this outfit, the colours and simplicity it perfect! I can't believe it is May already either, where has the year gone? I swear I thought I would have more done by now xo

nataluya85 said...

so cute and classic! love!


Frannie Pantz said...

I always find myself making fists in my photos too LOL 

I am adoring this pretty dress and very pretty cardigan!  You look so ladylike and ready for an afternoon tea!

helgavontrollop said...

Argh,May?! This year,this century,is flying by like a pat of butter with merry wings!
This is a lovely look for you!Different to what I normally see you in,and very pretty.Not that what you normally wear isn't pretty! :)

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