Tuesday, June 5, 2012

birthday week!

I am traveling today after a little birthday trip extravaganza to the mountains but I wanted to pop in and say hello (my birthday was actually yesterday but I'm celebrating all week because...why not! ;). We took loads of photos which I will hopefully be posting very soon! Thanks to everyone for the birthday emails/tweets/comments/texts!

Incidentally, excuse my puffy face in the photo below - I had atrocious allergies ( to blooming cottonwoods) and as a result squinty little eyeballs! :) 

hope you all had a nice weekend!  x djrd


Helen said...

Happy happy birthday! You don't look puffy faced at all :)

nataluya85 said...

happy bday girly!!! love your smile in that pic, and that crown!


Madeleine Rettig said...

happy birthday! i love the birthday ice cream, thats a great idea!

Frannie Pantz said...

Happy birthday!

triskelos said...

Happy belated birthday!)) I wish you all the best and a great-great trip))


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