Friday, June 15, 2012

more photos from the mountians...

I've been extremely busy this week (incidentally, stay tuned for an extra special post I've been working on for Monday!) and, as a result, I am atrociously behind with posting more of the photos from our trip to Idaho.  "The Brit" took some incredible shots on his film camera too so I may post those down the line but for now here is a batch I took with my plain old digital SLR (plus a few iphone pics too)...
poor little Charlie girl in a bag and looking confused.
I survived pretty well (both mentally & physically) considering the small planes required to get where we were going. this was the first of them.
On our first day we bumped into this old airstream (they are an obsession of mine) and stopped for a photo.
When we arrived we did a mini-raid of my grandmother's closet... I found a couple of 80s cardigans (see above) and the Brit found this fantastically silly denim shirt with puff-paint detailing involving a deer and mountains. I can't imagine my super stylish grandmother ever wearing this and still wonder were it came from.
We also popped by to give our respects to Mr. Hemingway who is buried here.
The next morning we found ourselves in the wilderness.
everywhere you turned looked like a painting.
later we met some rather large but nice horses.

a couple of days later we took a mini-road trip out to a lake and went on a little hike.  In a classic turn of clumsy events I managed to fling my iphone into the lake and it somehow survived - thanks in part to my otterbox case (I assume, although it's not officially waterproof) and some birthday luck?
On our final day I tried to befriend some rather aloof swans.  Then it was back on board an even smaller plane home. I'm pretty sure our pilots were, in fact, Lego men but I never actually saw them. 

*photos with me in them by "the Brit" - the others by me!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Kaitlynn Lucas said...

These are beautiful!

nataluya85 said...

<3 i love that picture of you amidst the greenery in your straw hat!!!!! so simple and beautiful! 


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