Saturday, July 7, 2012

show your spots

It is true, I am not known for wearing animal prints on the whole but when I came across these shorts
on super sale (at J.crew, of all places) something about them just worked for me.
 I've been wearing them a decent amount - mostly to work. They are, obviously, a bit more toned down then your average leopard print items but thats nothing shocking - I do love my muted tones!

outfit notes:
shorts - j.crew
hat - urban
shoes - super old h&m

I know it's been a bit slow here as of late but we have been traveling (among other things)! Do check back on Monday because I'm hosting a special giveaway!



ChristinaMarie said...

Awesome shorts!


nataluya85 said...

that hat is so cute!!! love!


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