Thursday, July 19, 2012

sink or swim

Thank you for all of your kind words after my last post. It has been a week now and I am starting to feel better about driving - about the whole accident, really. Time heals...and so on. Meanwhile, I've been running around like a mad woman working on some extremely exciting things over the last week (including time spent in the recording studio working on my very own songs... more on that later!) but I am very much looking forward to not having a packed agenda this weekend. With any luck, I'll be spending some time outside (slathered in SPF and wearing a hat, obviously), doing some reading and working on various photo projects. Speaking of outside, I've been pondering buying a new bathing suit since the few I have are getting a bit faded after several LA summers. I keep coming across some gorgeous ones so I decided I'd go old school DJRD on you and make some Polyvore collages! fun, right?! First up, I've been thinking about buying a new one piece for close to a million years* but I think I might actually get one this year (*clearly an exaggeration and, I should note, I do have a couple of vintage one-pieces which I wear on special occasions!)
one pieces!

Of course, there is no shortage of adorable two pieces out there...
two pieces!

two pieces! by recklessdaugher

 So what about you? are you an old fashioned one piece kind of gal or do you like to show a bit more skin? Are you into prints or do you like to keep it simple?  Speaking of old fashioned... Etsy has some of the most amazing vintage swimwear ever, that is, if you are willing to spend the money! like this super cute but super $$$ one, for example...
     via VeraVague

back soon! xdjrd

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