Friday, September 14, 2012

ask me, ask me, ask me!


I'm currently having an issue getting some images off of my camera which means no outfit post just yet, unfortunately, BUT I had copied this fun little questionnaire from Niotillfem a few weeks ago (translated from Swedish so some of the questions are a little strangely worded) and decided it would be fun to post this on my blog since I rarely do things like this these days. So here we go...

1. Where is your cell phone?

with in arms reach

2. Where's your other half?
somewhere in West Hollywood, I think!

3. Your hair?
getting longer finally! (growing out bangs is a loooong process.)

4. Your mood?
happy cause it's almost the weekend!

5. Your current plan?
dinner and then meeting up with a group of people to dance the night away!

6. The best thing to do?
In general? hang out with friends, make music, with a glass or two of champagne (obviously)

7. Your dream last night?
I keep dreaming about earthquakes and being in Grey Garden-esque mansions. not sure what this means? anyone?

    sound check at Union Chapel w/ Lucette
 8. Your life goals?
To have a creative job that makes me feel happy and lucky to be doing what I love.  Sort of related: to put out a full length album in the next year(!) and hopefully play some shows and lastly TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL. Oh and to become fluent in 2 other languages.  The good news is I feel like I'm finally getting closer to some of them!

9. What room you are in?
haha I started working on this at home in my kitchen but now I am in my office! taking a much needed break and hoping the day will go faster.

10. Your hobby?
I supposed that blogging and photography are two of my hobbies.

11. Your fear?
not living life the way I want to (also flying @_@)

12. Where do you want to be in six years?

Probably living in London or NYC. Making music, collaborating with talented folks, most likely with a child in tow.

13. Where were you last night?
Last night I had drinks and dinner with a fine looking English fellow and then watched this documentary on Jimmy Carter at home in the Canyon.

14. What are you not?

I am not excited to go outside right now because it's almost 100 degrees out today and Los Angeles is literally on fire in a couple of places!

15. One thing you wish for?
a happy, healthy and fulfilling life filled with
friends, family and many creative endeavors (that counts as one thing, right?)

and I'll leave you with this awesome (and totally relevant) song by the Smiths to get your weekend started!


emina said...

Oooh the one thing you wish for is exactly the same as mine! ;)

meg, reckless daughter said...

Not at all surprising! great minds, as they say :)

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