Monday, September 10, 2012

more life according to my iPhone

I smell an iPhone photos post! While I'm trying to figure out who to transfer my domain over to (see epic GoDaddy fail as to why this is necessary) I thought now would be as good a time as any to take a look at the last month and a half or so as seen by my trusty iPhone...

    scenes from Rookie's Strange Magic opening & the Brit and I in the recording studio
    Rookie tree house w/ a pony & the most beautiful pickup truck!

    summer fruit & cute Kristin's ever-growing baby bump
     four-eyes back in the studio & Bagheera enjoying his freedom

    the Idyllists having a little dance party while tracking & a fancy new hat
    little Violet Mae & a view from the hills

    tea cups & nice messages on car bumpers
   morning face & the Kills! (SO good live)

   90s reminiscing & self-portrait with pretty pink lips
    the Hopelessly Devoted playing and the cruel reality that it is SEPTEMBER already!  

    boots waiting for colder weather & a pretty new dress

   the Brit helping me with demos  & a surprise visit from my Mama 

   Father John Misty & Lola in green
   and lastly...cupcakes and glitter shoes!

back in a flash x
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