Friday, October 26, 2012

creature of the seasons

It's Friday again. The end to another busy week in a series of busy weeks thrusting me closer and closer to November. And, let's be honest, November is more or less the holiday season which is more or less the new year.  But before we move on to all of that..please! I must carve a pumpkin! I must! There are few holiday traditions I love more than digging around in a mess of orange gunk and seeds up to my elbows - all in the name of "art". Definitely my idea of entertainment. Speaking of seasonal traditions, isn't it interesting that even our modern day wardrobes still tend to emulate what ever is going on with the foliage and sky in any given season. With the arrival of fall we begin camouflaging ourselves in layers of the rich colors of changing leaves and moody weather.  A little connection to nature even in the depths of the cities many of us inhabit. Of course, there is also the practical side to that coin - chillier weather obviously calls for more layers.  Something I always welcome!

jumper - pop vintage 
blouse - topshop


Pagan Baby said...

Cute romper and lovely blouse!

Mary Van Note said...

i love your jumper! I've been on the search for one myself... not easy to find. i'm bummed that I'll be missing out on the proper Halloween fun stuff this year like decorating and pumpkin carving.

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