Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sing me to sleep tonight

Well, my dears, Thanksgiving came and went and I left my camera at home unfortunately so my few instagram shots are the only proof I have of the solo* roadtrip with amazing playlists, the veggie-friendly thanksgiving feast, and a much needed hang-out session with my family in Las Vegas.  Truth be told, t'was a quick trip.  I did my best to avoid the post Turkey-day traffic nightmare and headed back to LA with several bags of leftovers in tow for my dearest "Brit" who could not come with this year due to a crazed schedule. 

(*there were also small chihuahuas in the car with me :)

Speaking of crazy schedules - I am completely sleep deprived this week (if you could tell by my eyes!) and the copious episodes of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey I've watched in the past few days might not be helping. Downton is an emotional roller-coaster this season! I can't take much more!

I'm sorry for the terrible job of photographing my shoes! They are sparkly old favorites purchased in London ages upon ages ago.  I realized I didn't take a close up on my way out the door then quickly  tried to snap one and...well..nobody is perfect.

outfit notes:
dress - freepeople
blouse - can't recall.?
shoes - office 
tights - target

musical notes:
 I love this song

xo djrd

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