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Friday, December 7, 2012

keeper of coats

Considering the fact that I live in Los Angeles, a city that can barely lay claims to having four separate seasons, I do own a decent number of winter coats.  Sadly, they almost never get posted here because more often then not I only need them at night or in the early morning in LA and when I'm traveling to colder more coat-appropriate climates I rarely remember to document them.  None the less I do have them and this particular coat is an old favorite - mainly because it is simple, vintage-inspired and it goes with just about any ensemble.  It will almost certainly go with me on my upcoming holiday trips.  Speaking of that, I have to start thinking about what to pack.  I've decided to give myself plenty of time this trip to pack since we will have houseguests right before we leave town.  Normally, I'm queen of last minute packing which, admittedly, does nothing for my nerves(!!) so I am really going to try to be prepared this time around.

outfit notes: skirt/coat - xxi (both years ago) 
blouse & necklace – gifts 
brogues - american apparel


Josie said...

Love that skirt paired with the shirt - lovely! also, your hair is gorgeous!


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Just discovered your blog and I'm smitten! This coat is wonderful :)

sandra beijer said...

that skirt <3

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