Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FW inspiration and other things

Ok, as promised, I am posting a few of my FW2013 favorites today. Starting with one of my favorite labels of late, Red Valentino. I love everything about this collection probably as much as I liked the last one. Just pure perfection...

for the full collection visit style.com

I also really loved the 60s twiggy vibe of the Anna Sui show this time around. She is so constant in her color scheme but without being totally boring and that is no easy task. those greens and blues really caught my eyeballs!
 more at style.com 

On to another 1960s inspired collection...ahhh, ChloĆ« for OC... there are always at least 5 items I want from each of 
her collections and this was particularly true for Fall 13. Very 60s Youthquake mixed with definite hints of 90s and some questionable track suits but we should expect no less, as miss Sevigny is a 90s poster child.  I want all of the coats and the white dress for a start!

Lastly, I was going to post Marc Jacobs' FW13 collection because I am a magpie and it was sparkle-tastic but... upon second glance I realized there was a whole lot of fur in it...like A LOT...and, honestly, I felt funny posting it here because it's not exactly "in tune" with my code of ethics. Anyway, so look it up if you are interested.  I have to say I loved the crazy huge and messy hair at Marc by MJ (probably because mine looks like that most days) so I'm posting that instead!

Now, perhaps I am out of sorts but I was mildly disappointed at some of my usual NYFW favorites this season.  London, however, is proving slightly more inspiring

In other news - I am playing in LA tonight!  It is my EP release party so please come on down if you are in town and say hello! xo


lizette vigo said...

Love all this! thanks for sharing!


Lauren Sherritt said...

The Red Valentino collection is truly the cutest! Congratulations on the EP release!

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