Wednesday, March 27, 2013

smells like candy

I know, I'd probably almost forgotten I blog here :) So sorry for the lack of posting BUT I recently got a new camera so there will be new posts filtering in soon enough.  Meanwhile, I came across these genius featurettes for Prada Candy starring Léa Seydoux (of Midnight in Paris fame) directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola and I loved them so much I had to post!

I haven't smelled this new, allegedly lighter version of Prada Candy, "Candy L'Eau" but sadly the original was a little too sweet and heavy for my taste. Speaking of - I'm curious if there is a consensus about switching perfumes depending on the season - Do you switch it up? I don't really but I like the idea of it.


Helen Mae Green said...

These are great adverts, thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

I love these adverts too but I'm not so sure about the perfume so I know what you mean!
I've just found your blog through Bekuh's and started following :)

Hannah xx

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