Sunday, March 31, 2013

yellow & blue

*Hello! Just back from a mini-holiday and for some reason this scheduled post didn't auto-publish - so better late than never!*

 I don't know if spring fever has its hold on me but I'm so ready to wear some color! Our garden is in full bloom (as are my allergies) and as someone who grew up mostly in the desert, I am still blown away daily by the colors found in nature here in LA – particularly the trees currently blooming! Pinks, purples, yellows! Beautiful. I know I've posted some of this outfit before but I generally wear things way more than once so this is a remix of sorts!

yellow tights

navy blue dress

lola, chihuahua

outfit notes:
dress - xxi
shoes - vintage
necklace - gift 
bag - marc by marc jacobs 

 PS: I hope you had a nice holiday weekend!


Cathy said...

Super cute I love your dress and the little chihuahua :)
Vintage Inspired Girls

Christina Marie said...

You look great!


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