Thursday, April 18, 2013

life according to iPhone

This week has been crazy but in the best way (apart from what happened in Boston - which is beyond horrible and my thoughts are with everyone effected).  I'll be posting a couple of music related updates soon but first I thought we would catch up with my iPhone since its been a very long time!  Here is what the past couple of months looked like...

starting with... dress up fun & snoozing with Charlie
band practice & heart cookies

 a stack of cats & twin peaks inspired apparel 
 the results of my first furniture refinishing project & a stack of pups

my EP release show & a peak at Conan O'Brien's stage!! (ps: where I saw james franco live...meow
 patti smith & the usual silliness (mwah!)

me & Britt (one of my best ever friends) & amoeba music
 amazing cat art find & that one geezer ;)

more band fun & in two states at once
 attempting to thrift in Nevada & one too many bunny Peeps!

proof that even the devil sleeps! & my second favorite flowers
spring cleaning & my no makeup/sunday morning face

PS: I wanted to give a welcome! to you new readers and a big thanks to Bekuh at Secondhand Sundays for the lovely post! :)

back soon! xo


Bekuh Browning said...

Aww, no you're the sweetest. Looks like life is pretty amazing right now, Patti Smith, Conan, and an EP release show? You've got to be kidding me, I'm so jealous!

Christina Marie said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great week.


sammi said...

thanks for share..

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