Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy days are here again | Marc Jacobs Fall 14

Marc Jacobs 2014

As my blog archive will attest, I am always interested in seeing what Marc Jacobs comes up with for his runway shows each season and it has never just been about the clothes for me.  The art direction is often so elaborate and otherworldly that it has the capacity to really and truly transport you somewhere else, even if you are watching via a lowly lifestream…on your iPhone…sitting in your car in an empty parking lot.

Marc Jacobs 2014 on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

The Fall 2014 collection was no exception; the clothes matching the mood so seamlessly that it was as if you were stepping into a painting or perhaps you've floated off to another planet where towering beauties with blunt pastel bobs dominate the land scape while pillowy clouds hang just out of reach. 
The clothing was breathtaking.  As much as I love colorful prints there is something so incredibly calming and sensual about slightly muted tones. The organza ruffles and crystal beading were particularly alluring to my eyeballs as well as the 60s inspired footwear.  Though not as hard edged as some of his more recent collections, Marc Jacobs still manages to pull-off strong self-assured female silhouette and I think that’s no easy task.  One little teensy complaint (and, really, its not much of one) was the spoken-word version of "Happy Days Are Here Again," performed by Jessica Lange. It was interesting in the beginning but I think they should have mixed some other tracks in to add to the flow of things.  I still loved the show.  I went to find some photos to post here and came across THESE beauties that Lea Colombo took for DazedDigital and they really drive the point home regarding the atmosphere. Enjoy!

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