Wednesday, February 26, 2014

playing runway catch up... NYFW

I am a bit late in the game to be posting this but I was reviewing a few of the NY fashion week shows / presentations and there were a of couple collections that I thought were worth sharing here.  

First up, Erin Fetherston...

I have always been a fan but some seasons I do find that she plays it a little "safe" or, perhaps, the slightest bit too polished for my taste.  Though this collection isn't necessarily wild or super edgy it does live up to it's name: "Charmed, I'm Sure." How could I resist those quirky 50s silhouettes and beautiful fabrics... yes, please!

Erin Fetherston A/W 2014 on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

Karen Walker

Another NY designer that caught my eye this round was Karen Walker.  Even though it's about 20 degrees too hot in LA because we've been robbed of a winter (I know, I know... boo hoo. I can hear those east coast violins serenading me!) anyhow... despite that, I would like nothing more than to wrap up in that amazing structured wool coat or that gorgeous chunky sweater.  And once again I'm smitten by the prints which are, admittedly, a little all-over-the-place...


Another one that ebbs and flows for me - I love the Mulleavy's and the degree of thought that goes into each of their collections but it doesn't always translate for me.  That said, I really liked this latest offering...I can't say that I was absolutely "in love" as I have been with some of their past shows but it's a lot of fun. These were my favorite looks (yes, I would quite happily wear the Death Star dress - the Yoda one...perhaps less so)...

Rodarte FW 14 on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

I've been looking at London and Milan and, honestly,  I haven't been inspired by any of that, apart from an occasional pretty dress here and an amusing coat there. I am looking forward to Paris and will report back should the fashion muse strike!

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