Wednesday, March 18, 2009

metric system

One of my favorite bands from a few years past is coming out with a new album and it sounds like it will be a return to the songs of their earlier albums. Not that I didn't like the last one - it was just a bit heavier than normal.
the band’s fourth album, Fantasies is out on April 14th.

"Frontperson Emily Haines wrote the majority of the album’s songs while shacked up in Buenos Aires. During the much-needed respite, she spent days with just a piano and guitar, forming what would result in the 10 album tracks."The offical release date is April 14, BUT The album is available for pre-order @ If you pre-order now and you get an immediate digital download of three tracks from the album. PLUS You’ll get your digital version of the album on March 31, two weeks early!


Diana said...

aw i love this band!! i heard the new album already, too!! it's on

i am so glad you wrote about this. i <333333 them!!

miss vintage love said...

Can't wait to hear it!

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