Tuesday, January 10, 2012

for the morning

Meg Olsen

Not much new in my world (just getting over a nasty little flu bug that I came down with on New Years Eve)... however... I suddenly realize that I have quite a lot going on the rest of this month.  I really hope I can return to being a full-functioning human sooner rather than later to take it all on!  10 days in to the new year I don't feel like I accomplished much aside from trying to make a dent in my emails... oh, and wearing my new red beret an awful lot.
I took these photos Sunday morning before heading on to the Rosebowl Flea Market. But as soon as I got to Pasadena I realized the coat was completely unnecessary and ended up carrying it around the whole morning because it was legitimately warm out.  Incidentally, also brought flats with me so as not to ruin my shoes or my feet!
outfit notes: dress -vintage, beret - Christmas gift, shoes - chloe sevigny for oc

 musical notes: a new 8 tracks playlist I made...

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