Friday, January 13, 2012

life according to my phone

Time again to take a little glimpse at the past month or so as seen by my iPhone...
Lots of Christmas lights on my aunts house, oh... and me dancing
the cats, in their favorite lounging spot
Beth Jean and bubbly!
my early morning routine
little Lola in her little sweater
our teeny tiny Christmas tree (which we put in the trash last week :(
fake snow in Los Angeles
apple season!
the beautiful Orpheum Theatre
Baggie exploring
Christmas presents
Las Vegas mall - Christmas decor
skiing with my mom & brother
the musicians beer of choice
and more Christmas decorations!
sushi with my family
ski bootz
the drive home
my neighbor's burnt car the day after the fire
more Lola
bad quality photo of our new couch! (Hurrah!)
me with flu face
my pals Sam and Dominic playing at Dominic's birthday party
a photo of "the Brit" for good measure
flowers in our garden
"the Brit" recording new songs with his band The Idyllists
cozy pups
me again! and feeling a bit better.

Very excited for the weekend because  I've got several lovely visitors in town over the next few days - always a lot of fun! Also, some traveling in my near future. Stay tuned. Have a nice weekend, everyone! xdjrd

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