Monday, August 27, 2012

fleur exotique

I've been really down on my wardrobe as of late.  I think it all ties in with my having been distracted by various other things in my life at present.  Alas, fueled on by this "blah" feeling of closet boredom, I once again hunkered down and reorganized everything and I mean EVERYTHING!
This is really a helpful technique in my case because I live in a teeny house with such limited storage space that I end up not having a clear view of what is actually in my closet.  Someday I will post a photo of my "closet" but just know that things get folded that should probably be hung, folded piles have little rhyme or reason and, sometimes  (rarely, but it happens) I "double up" and hang two items on one hanger…horrible, I know!  As it turns out the biggest problem is not that I hate everything my closet - far from it! It's more that I get bored with the items I can easily spot because I end up wearing them over and over.  To make a long story longer I came across a bunch of items new and old that I am not at all bored with! this dress being one of them. Please note: I did that thing again where I take photos after I've been in the clothes for the better part of a day and so I am a bit of a wrinkled mess!

I love these shoes too but they are SO tall... too tall for me really and so they don't get out much. They mostly act as bedroom decor!

outfit notes: 

dress - vintage 
shoes - asos
bracelet - vintage

See you soon!

~ djrd


Frannie Pantz said...

I do this all the time too! My closet could def use a makeover-especially if it unearths pretty dresses like this one!

meg, reckless daughter said...

I highly recommend it! you never know what you'll find :D

Corinne said...

glad to know i'm not the only one who has gotten into a style rut this summer! love cleaning out my closests/drawers & putting unexpected combos together, it totally helps! 
you look fantastic & those shoes! fantastic! i have a pair of crazy lucky brand platforms that i made myself learn to walk in haha!xx

ourdailydress said...

Is there something wrong with having multiple things on one hanger? I go up to four!

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