Monday, October 8, 2012

there is a light

A somewhat over-used song as a post title, I know, but this poor blog has not been getting enough attention these days! And, there is hope! I think I can safely say that more posts will trickle in with the cooler weather we in LA have been promised by the weather people.  Part of my lack of posting (in addition to a hectic schedule which I touched on here) really sparks from a lack of motivation to take photos of my super basic (for me, anyway) summer wears.  Kids, it's really hard to get creative when it's 100 degrees out! Harder still to brave the sun for a half an hour to get decent post photos.  I really do hate complaining about the weather but I've been carrying a lot of "blogger guilt" recently and I needed to air my mind out!  I've always said, if I didn't feel inspired to blog I would take a break and I think that's whats been happening lately. So, mind aired... here is, hopefully, the last of the heatwave hampered outfit posts...

Back in late July, after quite literally 8 months of not buying anything from Forever 21, I caved in when I found myself at the Beverly Center and stumbled upon this cute light-weight blue dotted dress in the racks.  It was well worth the money but I still have a moral dilemma about places like that.  Still, it's a great dress and people are almost always surprised when they hear where it's from.  It would easily fit into the Madewell catalogue in my humble opinion. As you probably noticed, I am wearing the Ferragamo flats again but that is just a coincidence as I've been rotating many pairs of shoes lately, I swear! I also just bought a somewhat fancy pair from Anthropologie (yikes $... but they were too good!) which I will share soon!

In other news, a couple of recommendations for your viewing pleasure... The Brit and I watched this documentary on Bob Marley last week which was really fascinating (I knew very little about him and didn't realize he died so young, 36!). Check it out even if you aren't huge into Marley - it's so interesting. Also, while growing increasingly impatient for Season 3 of Downton to start I did what any sensible period-film-junkie would... found a temporary replacement in The Forsyte Saga ! Which turned out to be great in its own right (if not a teensy bit soap-opera-y, to be completely honest).  This mini-series was actually airing when I lived in London and I really wanted to watch it but we had no TV in our flat due to the fact that you needed a (very pricey) "license" to have a TV? File that one under: the many strange rules of Britain...but I digress... Both are great. Both are also on Netflix! so happy watching!



Rachel K. said...

I understand that struggle with shopping. I have managed to cut out Forever 21 entirely, but there are other stores that I still buy from and feel kind of vaguely not ok about it. But I think we have to give ourselves a break.

That being said, you look adorable in that simple little dress! I love something like that, you can just throw it on and look put together. I kind of miss that kind of weather, to be honest. (I'm into the many layers season right now.)

Marina Isak said...

Lovely dress!
Pagan Baby Vintage

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