Thursday, September 19, 2013

thoughts on SS14

It's been more quiet than usual on this blog during the recent fashion week(s) but I was most certainly paying attention to the happenings in NY and London. So I thought it might be a laugh to share a few shows/presentations that stood out for me...


I loved everything about this show from the hair and makeup down to the pointy shoes (a pointy toe is not usually my cup of tea but I think they work magically here!).  This is 100% right up my street - powerfully feminine with the slightest bit of an edge.  I would gladly wear all of this collection next know, in case anyone from HONOR is listening!


I always enjoy Anna Sui but something about this show surprised me because appealed more to that ethereal bohemian child in my psyche rather than the usual 1960s MOD doll Anna Sui conjures up.  side note: the backdrop was painted by Miss Alia Penner and was inspired by the psychedelic design collective, The Fool (of Wonderwall fame) which was a really nice touch.

Bonus: Luisa Beccaria (Milan FW)
I'm also going to throw in an Italian designer that I really knew nothing about until stumbling upon her   collection this week. While some of the collection a little more buttoned up than I prefer, other pieces (like these^) are simply stunning and oh-so -sensual. T'would be wonderful to prance around in a sun drenched field sporting one of these beauties, no?

Now, some honorable mentions because frankly I'm too lazy to collage all of them this evening! Sea, Peter Jensen, Red Valentino,  Samantha Pleet!  I'm sure I missed some good ones - it's hard to keep up! What were your favorites??  Of course, the Paris shows haven't happened yet and I always love those iconic designers so I'm sure some of that will pop up here or on my Pinterest.

Before I bid you adieu, I'll leave you with a couple of iphone photos from my gig at the Hotel Cafe last week which went exceedingly well if I do say so myself. so much fun...

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