Monday, October 14, 2013 always a good idea.

I made a pact with myself back in January that I would go to Paris this year.  It had been several years since my last visit and I just felt a weird gravitational pull for no particular reason.  This happens on occasion – things get into my head and can't shake them and (as the Brit will attest ) once I set my mind on something like that, sooner or later I'm going to make it happen.  I had hoped to get there earlier in the year but with all of my music related happenings I just could't get away until now. The upside was that my trip coincided with a few fun events that happened to happening in the city of lights. I'm back in LA LA Land now so I thought I'd do a little recap. These photos aren't necessarily in consecutive order but I'm sure you'll get the point - sadly most of these were taken with my iPhone though I did take a few with my proper camera too.

 Meg Olsen

We rented an apartment in Le Marais which was a lovely change from the usual Left Bank tourist madness I'm used to. It felt like a neighborhood we could quite easily live in... if I perfected my French that is. On our first night we headed off to the Oberkampf area and then to on Le Zèbre de Belleville to watch the fantastic Miss Sarah Slean perform!

In general, we spent our days (restaurant & vintage store list in hand!) meandering the city streets (occasionally showing Brit some of the more obvious Paris sights... he had only been to Paris for an afternoon years ago up to this point!) and our spent nights eating, meeting up with friends and doing even more wandering.


On yet another fun-filled night during our stay I got to celebrate my dear friend Nell's birthday (she was, by pure coincidence, going to be in Paris for Fashion Week).  I bought her a card that looked like a popsicle, met some of her lovely co-workers and pals, and we had a crazy and wonderful night near Canal Saint-Martin.  Afterwards, I proceeded to get ever-so-slightly lost on the way back home...alas a 1920s Peugeot did not pick me up and whisk me off to drink with F. Scott Fitzgerald at Gertrude Steins place…bad luck.

I must say, I think my favorite touristy thing we did was Pere Lachaise on our last day in Paris.  It was a little bit rainy and felt very autumnal which made the place even more spooky and magical...

So much fun... sigh... Well, I think that's probably enough pictures for one post but it is hard edit them down!  I hope you are doing well!  xmeg o

PS: Paris... I will be back!


Frida said...

Paris.. aah that town. Just looking at these pics I feel nostalgic. It's that special town!
Fun, a few years back I spent my first night out wandering in rue Oberkampf as well, I can clearly remember the feeling.
Looks like you had lot of fun, lovely pictures.

Bean said...


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