Monday, February 7, 2011

TLO pops-up in LA

The weekend is over and I am sad because it was such a fun one.  Luckily, I should be having a fun filled week a head of me with my impending trip to New York -- but more on that later...

I kicked off the weekend by heading to the opening reception for The Loved One's Pop-Up Shop
We almost immediately ran into Hannah & Elvia (masterminds behind The Loved One) -  we brought a few balloons for them in celebration *unfortunately, I deleted the non-blurry version of this picture because sometimes I do silly things... oops.
The shop looked amazing
oh, and I should mention, I wore one of my favorite pairs of shoes (this will factor in later)

"The Brit" was in the studio (yet again) and couldn't make it but, luckily, my date for the night was the fabulous Beth Jean...
In the middle of the shop was an adorable model perched on a swing wearing pieces from the Loved One's vintage inspired lingerie line

The space is so lovely and there were so many dresses to try on that we hung around for quite a while...literally...

Meanwhile, about 6 different people had asked me where my "fabulous shoes" came from.  As I was answering the last of them, I glanced up and who should I see? None other than Nicole of Fashion Forestry who designed the fabulous shoes!  Nicole lives in San Francisco and I had no idea she would be there. It was a such great surprise to meet her and strange that I was wearing those particular shoes.  I have to say, she is even more enchanting in person.
Then we made some purchases and went on the hunt for food, which I was in desperate need of. Later we met up with Nicole, Hannah, Elvia & company at a underground 1960s night and danced the rest of the night away to amazing music.  By then my camera battery had died but, take it from me, we had a blast.
If you are in the Los Angeles area definitely stop by the Loved One pop-up shop - it will be at Space 15 Twenty all month long.  see you soon!


Fleur said...

Lovely pics!
You sure had much fun! :D


Q's Daydream said...

Wow! The shop looks amazing!

hannah and landon said...

Thank you so much for "popping" (harhar) by! It was terrific seeing you two lovely ladies again! The balloons were especially sweet, thank you :D. I've just landed in NY, send me a note when you get in and we'll get together!


Christina Marie said...

Wow, great shoes! How awesome that she was there. :)


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